Being Skin Aware -Ageing skin integrity & skin tear injury risk

Join us for this webinar with Wendy White to take a closer look at the concept of skin frailty and one of the common acute wounds experienced by the older person – skin tears.

Structural & functional changes which contribute to skin vulnerability occur somewhat insidiously over the decades, increasingly notable and significant in advanced years . These changes along with the unique person, setting and practice variables can create a ‘’perfect storm’’ for skin integrity loss. This presentation will overview current international and national calls for action – to adopt and implement evidence-based risk reduction strategies and best practice management recommendations inclusive of lower limb skin tear complexity and complication risk .

The Skin Safety Model (Campbell et al 2016), identifies several common acute skin injuries (inclusive of skin tears) and potential outcomes for the older person. It challenges us to recognise shared (common) risks and be aware of exacerbating elements known to contribute to aging skin trauma.

Do you want to be a part of a global movement for change? Then let’s be more Skin Aware, as we focus on those in our care.

Ref: Campbell J, Coyer F, Osborne S (2016) The Skin Safety Model: Reconceptualising skin vulnerability in older patients. J Nurs Scholarship 48(1):14-22 The website may contain information and discussion (including the promotion of) methods, procedures or products that may not be available in certain countries or regions, or may be available under various other trade or service marks, names or brands.

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Wendy White

MWoundCare. BEd. RN. Plast Cert. MACN. FWA

Fellow Wounds Australia

Wendy has 30 years of wound & skin care specific clinical expertise from a wide range of settings and in private practice. She is a qualified educator and has delivered quality education, clinical and professional support services in national and international arenas including healthcare, residential, government, industry and insurance settings for the past 13 years.Wendy’s areas of wound related clinical interest, research or publication include skin tear prevention and management, minimising wound related pain (including low resource setting), assessment & differentiation of neuropathic pain, wellbeing when living with a wound, clinicians as advocates, person engagement & partnerships, pressure injury prevention & management frameworks for change and advancing debridement knowledge & practice skills acquisition training programs. Wendy is a recipient of a Wounds Australia Fellowship (previously known as the Australian Wound Management Association), in recognition of her contribution to clinical practice, education, research and leadership in wound management throughout Australia, and the Asia Pacific region.

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