Kick-start hard to heal wounds using sNPWT

This webinar discusses the use of sNPWT in chronic wounds. This will be followed by a LIVE Q&A session.

Dr Caroline Dowsett

Part 1 :

Hard to heal wounds and the use of sNPWT


Learning objectives include

  • To understand what a hard to heal wound is and the impact on the patient, clinician and health economy
  • Discuss factors that contribute to hard to heal wounds
  • Understand the role of NPWT and sNPWT in improving outcomes in patients with hard to heal wounds
  • Highlight the importance of a care pathway approach to using advanced wound management solutions sNPWT in patients with hard to heal wounds

Runi Brownhill, PHD

Part 2:

Unlocking the Mode of Action of PICO


Can this explain the improved clinical outcomes with PICO Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System (sNPWT) over traditional NPWT (tNPWT)?          

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Dr. Caroline Dowsett

Nurse Consultant
Tissue Viability UK

Clinical Nurse Specialist Tissue Viability East London NHS Foundation Trust London & Independent Nurse Consultant in Wound Care

Dr Caroline Dowsett, PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons), Dip N, D.N, RGN, works as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Tissue Viability for East London Foundation Trust where she is also the Clinical Lead for the leg ulcer service. Caroline also works globally as an Independent Nurse Consultant in Wound Care. She has worked in the field of wound care for over 25 years. Her main interests are in lower limb management, wound assessment and wound bed preparation, negative pressure wound therapy, quality improvement and service developments in wound care provision.

Caroline is an accredited Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) coach and has extensive experience of coaching teams and individuals in improvement strategies and methods to advance practice. Caroline was wound care nurse of the year in the UK in 1997 and 1999, winner of Wound UK award in 2007, and won a Queens Nursing Institute award for outstanding service to primary care in 2008. Her work on pressure ulcer prevention and management was the frontline submission for the ‘High Impact Actions; Your skin matters’ in 2010.

Caroline is on the editorial board for Wounds UK and has published widely in peer review journals. Caroline has taken part in several research projects and expert advisory boards. She lectures locally, nationally and internationally

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Runi Brownhill


Senior Scientist Manager
Smith + Nephew Advanced Wound Management
Research & Development, Hull UK.

Runi Brownhill is a recognised scientific expert in the field of Wound Biology and the interventions needed to improve patient outcomes. She provides strategic direction to the Research and Innovation programme through the application of deep domain knowledge in Human Biology & Disease relevant to the business. She has an extensive knowledge of appropriate model systems to investigate the mechanisms of action of various therapies and wound-targeted strategies. Runi additionally provides a broad scientific expertise in order to identify and source innovative new technologies, lead technology scouting and drive product development through to proof of concept.

Runi has a PhD in Pharmacology with a background in the Bio Pharma Sector. Runi has been at S&N for over 11.5 years working as part of the Wound Management R&D division.

Runi was pivotal in the research programme to identify the mode of action of PICO sNPWT.

Runi is based in the UK but her parents live in New Zealand!

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