Pressure injury prevention in ICU & Let's talk about COVID-19 skin changes

Join us for this comprehensive educational webinar addressing  the  impact of COVID in the Intensive Care Unit when considering  pressure injury prevention. Expert Tracy Nowicki covers:

·       Skin inspection

·       PI assessment

·       PI staging

·       Risk factors

·       Medical device related pressure injuries

·       Challenges with repositioning

·       Practical tips for clinical practice The website may contain information and discussion (including the promotion of) methods, procedures or products that may not be available in certain countries or regions, or may be available under various other trade or service marks, names or brands.

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Tracy Nowicki

Clinical Nurse Consultant

Co-Ordinator Qld Bariatric Interest Group

Tracy is currently employed within a major metropolitan hospital in Queensland Health as Clinical Nurse Consultant of a quality risk management equipment service. A significant focus of her role has been to bring innovation in the development of a central equipment service so as to ensure optimal patient outcomes through safe, equitable equipment management, education and maintenance. This service also specialises in pressure injury prevention, management of the Bariatric patient, falls injury prevention, bed safety, Smart Pump Technology, skin integrity and quality risk management.

She is the coordinator for QBig (Queensland Bariatric Interest Group), has been on the working party for the development of the Pan Pacific & both versions of the International Pressure Injury Guidelines.

Tracy has extensive experience in presenting innovative approaches to quality risk management. She believes in fun through learning and looking at new horizons of how we do business.

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