Pressure Injury Prevention & Management in People with Spinal Cord Injury

There are special considerations in the prevention of pressure injuries for people with a spinal cord injury. Learn from expert Fleur Trezise about strategies for prevention and management in this at-risk population. Fleur discusses the life long risk of pressure injury development as well as lifestyle factors and how pressure injury prevention strategies such as the aSSKINg framework can be implemented. Pressure injury classification and management as well as the pathways and tools available to support your clinical practice in delivering an individualised management plan. The website may contain information and discussion (including the promotion of) methods, procedures or products that may not be available in certain countries or regions, or may be available under various other trade or service marks, names or brands.


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Fleur Trezise


Nurse Practitioner Wound Management

Director at Wound Solutions Australia

Fleur Trezise was endorsed as a Nurse Practitioner in 2013 and has worked in wound management for over 25 years. She has broad clinical experience in managing both acute and chronic and complex wounds. Fleur is currently working for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a Nursing Advisor for wound management and has recently established her own business, Wound Solutions Australia; providing wound related education, consultation and clinical support to both the public and private sector.

Fleur is a long-term AWMA/Wounds Australia member and has advised on State and National wound bodies, serving as a member on a number of committees/boards relating to wound management and pressure injury prevention. She has presented at local, national and international conferences and provides wound related education to medical, nursing and allied health disciplines. She is passionate about working with people living with wounds to improve their quality of life and enabling others to deliver quality, evidence based wound management.

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